Can I wash my bandage dress in the washing machine?

bandage dress care Can I wash my Bandage dress in the washing machine? faqs

We advise not to wash bandage dresses in the washing machine

We totally understand, who wants to pay for dry cleaning every time they wear a bandage dress. However, bandage dresses in our experience can’t handle all the aggravation of a washing machine and rayon is very absorbent material so has to be handled with extreme care when wet. By the time you take it out of the washing machine it could be wrinkled, stretched, or even worse it could shrink. In all the outcomes the bandage dress will no longer be wearable. Treat your bandage dresses with care and you can maintain them for years to come  


Dry cleaners is best  

The best way to wash your bandage dress is to have it cleaned by a dry cleaners. You can find your nearest dry cleaners on Google or just browse the streets next time you leave the house but make sure to check with them that they have experience with bandage wear, better to be safe than sorry.


Still want to try and wash you bandage dress yourself?

For those of you that are still adamant you can wash your bandage dress yourself we applaud you, and admire your tenacity. while we don’t suggest or recommend it, we know a fair few of you are still going to try it. So if you are going to attempt to wash your bandage dress yourself let us at least help you have a fighting chance of your dress surviving.  

The best way to wash your bandage dress yourself is by hand, not in the washing machine, but please bare the below in mind:

  • Use cold water not hot
  • Use a mild washing up power/soap not the heavy duty detergents as it may bleach your bandage dress or damage it all together
  • Wash your bandage dress with it lying flat and not hanging up – the weight of the water absorbed in the material can cause it to stretch out of shape. You’re best bet is to wash it in the bath tub.
  • Do not wring or scrunch the dress together while washing, and avoid hard and aggressive scrubbing

How to dry your bandage dress

If you manage to wash your your bandage dress successfully and everything is going well, don't get comfortable yet. The drying process is just as critical to maintaining your bandage dress so please bare the below in mind:

  • Dry your bandage dress lying flat not hanging up on a hanger as this can stretch the dress especially from the straps carrying the weight of the wet material which is very heavy
  • Dry the dress naturally, we advise against tumble drying or using your hair dryer in a rush before a night out (we’ve all done that one before), so give your dress ample time to dry  

Hopefully this helps,

Baddies Run Town | Care Team

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