What Are Bandage Dresses?

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A bandage dress is figure hugging dress that shouldn’t be confused with a bodycon dress which is a fitted dress. Do you ever notice how with bodycon dresses they can highlight every aspect of your figure even the areas you don’t want highlighted, like the food baby you get after a big delicious dinner. That’s where bandage dresses come to the rescue!
Bandage dresses are more body sculpting as they are made of composite blend of rayon, nylon and spandex. Which is solid enough to hold you in all the right places supporting and accentuating your figure while smoothing out areas you may not want to draw attention to. Think of how control pants and shape wear hold you in and accentuate your silhouette, that’s how a bandage dress behaves. Giving you that helping hand, holding everything in place.

The rayon and nylon blend within bandage dress material is what gives bandage dresses their signature shine, which is a defying factor when comparing them to bodycon dresses. This is what you see the celebrities wearing and the dress looks like its glistening in the light and grabs your attention very easily. You can always tell the difference check out the picture of the stunning Khloe Kardashian in her orange bandage dress. 

Are bandage dresses stretchy?

Bandage dresses do have an element of stretch from the spandex in the material, that’s what gives them it’s second skin like appearance. However bandage dresses are not as stretchy as standard bodycon dress, which is what enables them to hold you in and well as accentuate your figure all at the same time. This is also why with bandage dresses you can’t get away with buying a smaller size and making it fit as you can do with a stretchy bodycon dress, the strength of material will make you uncomfortable if the dress is too small. And if that is a turtle neck bandage dress, you will feel like you can’t breathe, so take heed ladies.

Where can I buy bandage dresses? 

Right here! Baddies Run Town offers a variety of bandage dresses for all occasions from XS (UK size 6) - XL (UK size 14-16). We are a UK based online store catering to women all over the world that love bandage dresses. If you have any questions on bandage dresses just contact us, we’re more than happy to help.
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